GET JAMMY User terms and conditions


Thank you for choosing Jammy to find the offers and discounts in your area from the businesses who have partnered with us.  As a user of Jammy you will be able to see the businesses making current offers in your area and you will be able to use the discount selector to find the offer for you.

By going to the business premises e.g. shop, bar, restaurant or salon you will be able to redeem your offer.

This document provides the terms and conditions that you should be aware of as a user of Jammy.  Please read through it carefully so that you are aware of your responsibilities.  If you continue to use Jammy it will be assumed that you accept the terms in this document and conversely if you do not accept these terms you must not use the Jammy app.

The terms and conditions may be updated from time to time, and it is your responsibility to ensure that you keep up to date with any revisions.


‘T&Cs’; ‘terms’: these terms and conditions and any other document containing terms and conditions governing the use of the app.

‘App’:  The Jammy app

Jammy: The business Get Jammy Limited of HYpoint, Saltmeadows Road, Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, NE8 3AH

We: Get Jammy Limited

User, You: the person who has the Jammy account

Terms and conditions

Usage and subscriptions

1.1 Following a possible free trial period the Jammy app will be made available to you in return for a monthly subscription fee.  The monthly subscription will be taken through your app provider, Apple or Google.

1.2 You can cancel the account at any time and you must also ensure that you cancel your subscription through the app store.

1.3 If we find you in breach of any of these T&Cs we reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to cancel your account.  If we do cancel your account your subscription will also be terminated.


2.1 Jammy partner offers may require a minimum age restriction such as offers involving alcohol. Offers will only be available to you if you are above the minimum age stated on the offer. Your age will be determined using the date of birth entered during registration.

2.2 Where a Jammy partner offer requires you to be above a certain age, your age will be verified by the partner when any such offer is redeemed, and at their sole discretion they may refuse to honour the discount or offer if they believe you are younger than the minimum required age for the offer.

Dispute resolution

3  In the event of any dispute arising between you and one of Jammy’s partner businesses, Jammy’s responsibility will extend only to the extent of providing data about transactions between you and the partner business.  We will have no responsibility for involvement in mediation or negotiation between you and the partner business.

Site Continuity

4  We will endeavour to keep the App running at all times but we cannot guarantee that there will be no outages.  If there are outages we would appreciate your patience and we will fix the problem as quickly as we can.   Get Jammy will not be responsible for any loss or damages through the App being unavailable or through delays in transmission however caused.

Accuracy of Content

5  We work with our partner businesses to ensure as far as is possible that the data on the site is as accurate as possible but we make no warranty as to the accuracy of the data provided in the App.

Limit of Liability

6.1 Nothing in this agreement excludes the liability of Jammy for death or personal injury caused by Jammy’s negligence.

6.2 Subject to 6.1, under no circumstances will Jammy be liable to a User for more than the amount that has been paid by that User in Jammy subscriptions.

7  By using this App you agree to:

  • Provide only correct information about yourself as part of registration or updating your profile.
  • Review your profile data from time to time and update it if necessary to ensure that it remains accurate.
  • Take reasonable steps to keep your credentials private so that no other person may use your account.

8  By using this App you agree not to:

  • Impersonate another user by attempting to use their account
  • Defraud Get Jammy or any of its partner businesses
  • Use any automated or brute force techniques to disable the system or to access any data or information that you are not entitle to.
  • Give, lend, or sell your user credentials to another user
  • Use data from the App for any purpose other than the intended purpose of allowing you to obtain an offer or discount from one of the businesses we have partnered with.
  • copy or decompile the App software


9  By accepting these terms and conditions you understand that Jammy may share the data you provide with other organisations for sales and marketing purposes.  This data may include your profile data, geolocation data, or data about the Jammy partner businesses that you have engaged with through the App.


10  Any notice required to be given in connection with this agreement shall be in writing and posted to or delivered to Jammy at the address given in this agreement.

Entire Agreement

11  This agreement constitutes the whole agreement between the parties and supersedes any previous agreement relating to the use of Jammy.


12  Jammy may at its sole discretion assign, transfer, subcontract or deal in any other manner with any of its rights or obligations under this agreement.

Governing Law

13  This agreement and any dispute or claim arising from it or in connection with it shall be governed by the laws of England.


14  You agree that the law courts of England shall have jurisdiction regarding the settlement of any dispute or claim arising from this agreement.

Force Majeure

15  Jammy shall have no liability to you under this agreement if it is prevented or delayed in performing its obligations when the cause of the problem is beyond its reasonable control.