Where did the inspiration for Get Jammy come from?

‘Get Jammy has kind of been an idea floating around in my brain for the last 18 years. I spent a large chunk of my early working life immersed in the night time industry offering street distribution teams, design and print and I was also a DJ in Newcastle and NE. I loved the push the button, happy hour promotions in the bars and I really liked the games but I saw them as a bit one dimensional. I wanted to join up and digitise the distribution of flyers with the promotional game element and take it outside the four walls of the venues for better interaction, reach and return!

I just happened to have a conversation with a friend of mine, Matt, who runs a digital agency. It was literally a throw-away comment when he said ‘we can produce apps’ where I was like, well let’s have a chat. Out spilled 18 years of this sort of brain mush which basically culminated in us agreeing to make the app.’

Steve Imray – Jammy Co-founder

Left to right: Matt Haycock, John Wiseman, Steve Imray

Why Jammy?

Jammy launched in 2022 and offers individuals and businesses the benefits of collaboration. The App has two strands, for businesses it’s a free marketing platform that engages new customers and creates long-term loyalty, which in turn increases revenue. For customers, Jammy provides a fun way to get discounts and freebies. The App, cleverly uses geo-fencing technology to ensure they never miss an offer.

Put simply, Jammy provides a win, win for individuals and businesses! We love the North East, and we’re immensely proud to have created something that helps us all afford to enjoy life a little more

Definition of ‘Jammy’

In slang, particularly in the north of England this means ‘lucky’, or more accurately ‘flukey’. It is usually applied to someone else who has just had a particular piece of outrageous or undeserved luck.

Source: Urban Dictionary